Yes, politics are important.  Better yet, who we vote for is MOST important.

Guns aren’t banned yet but if this administration had its way, they would be.  What this party can do it make it nearly impossible for us to own guns by making it a law to have outrageous insurance.  Another way to keep us from owning or using guns would be the outrageous price of ammo.

Peaceful decent human beings have the right to own guns.  We don’t use our guns as weapons.  We obtain them legally.  We use them legally whether it be when we are hunting, trap shooting, shooting at ranges and training/competing our hunting dogs.

Think of what we could lose if the wrong person were to be elected into office.  The responsible people who have purchased, trained, acquired titles and who love their Retrievers would be out of business.  That is just for starters.  If we are not allowed to use or are not able to afford to use our guns, we can’t hunt, train and compete our beloved Retrievers.  Some of us pay thousands of dollars for our healthy Retrievers.

There would no longer be hunting shows on television or the Internet.  That means that photographers, video masters, production companies and many more would be out of business.  Networks would lose hunting shows, which leads to subscribers dropping stations.  Training supply stores and firearm stores would be out of business.  No more hunting licenses.  The list truly goes on and on.

Crime and mortality statistics are often used in the gun control debate.  Controls often create burdens for law-abiding citizens and infringe upon constitutional rights provided by the Second Amendment.  Some would argue, including myself that nationwide gun ownership is one of the best preventatives to crime as well as to a potential dictatorship, whether it be by our government or gangs.

Please pay close attention to who you vote for.  The wrong party could and would try to strip away the rights of law-abiding citizens.  To take away our right to bare arms and defend ourselves against criminals.  They will not only take our right to defend ourselves away, but this action could strip us everything that we have worked hard for.  They could and would try to take away our American Dream, the TRUE American Dream.

Trump for President?  Ted Nugent for President?  It’s a thought!  A great ticket might be Trump and Nug for his running mate.  Crazy or not so crazy?


  1. Has nothing to hide.  We know it all about his professional and personal life.  He lost millions and billions.  However, he did work to get it all back and is now better off and has even moreso than before.  He knows how to run a business.
  2. He has enough money to run his own campaign without asking for millions and promising a bunch of pork.  No need for him to bribe anyone for votes.
  3. Trump has back bone.  He would say “NO” and he would mean it.
  4. He would bring jobs back to the States.
  5. He is very informed when it comes to the US Constitution and our rights.
  6. Illegals?  What illegals?  There would be no more.  Especially if Nug is his running mate!
  7. I could go on and on and on.

Me?  I’m in hopes that Trump decides to run.  I think he would be the best choice for the US.

Possible running mates for Trump?  Palin.  Bachmann.  Nugent.

Hunters, Retriever breeders and trainers, Target Shooters and more….please remember that politics are most important.  Please study everyone running and make your choice wisely.

Labrador Retriever Training

August 13, 2011

Training is starting up again. Getting ready for fall. Will have beautiful Labrador photos to post.

As always Southern IL HRC put on one heck of a hunt test.  All aspects of their hunt test weekend was very well-managed. Members and non-members all pitched in to help when needed.  Southern IL HRC members welcome everyone with open arms, they always have a smile on their faces, they are packed with loads of laughter and are just a darn good time!  I want to thank Southern IL HRC board, members and all of the wonderful judges, for doing an awesome job once again.  Southern IL is my favorite hunt test to attend.

Blu and Kimber both earned titles spring of 2010 at Southern IL’s hunt test and Kimber just earned her HR with Southern IL this past weekend!  Hopefully next year will be no different and Kimber and Blu can both earn their CH titles at Southern IL!

The location was absolutely beautiful.  Check in and hunt tests were held at Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park.  Rend lake is nearly 19,000 acres big and is known as one of the premier waterfowl hunting places in Illinois. Both ducks and geese make Rend Lake their home during migration so you be assured of a great waterfowl hunting season!  The trees were a mixture of red, yellow, green and orange leaves that were just beginning to change.  What a sight to see.

Once again, a big thank you to Southern IL HRC, the board, the members and all who attended for holding a premier hunt test at a premier location!  I look forward to attending spring and fall 2011.

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