Hi everyone.  I have another announcement and a tip for you!

Nothing is worse than smelling the left overs of a wet Labrador Retriever in your vehicle.  A friend of mine sells Scentsy wickless candles.  I bought a bunch of them and my dogs have one in their sun room, I have them all over the house and I put travel tins in my dog car.   The car smells wonderful and I don’t smell wet dog!

I like the product so much that I joined Scentsy and now I sell it.  You can go to my Scentsy web page and because this is my launch month, if you purchase online, Scentsy will give you a 10% discount.

I use the travel tins and the Scentsy circles that hang in my rear view mirror.  They have manly scents and I like Peligro.  It smells like a men’s cologne.  Leather smells good in the car as well and a lot of men like that one.  It makes the car smell like a new car.  They have winter and Christmas scents.  They have floral scents, romantic scents, you name it.  They have a scent that smells like a fireplace and cabin.  So yes, you trainers and duck hunters can have a vehicle that smells nice too!

Go to my Scentsy site and browse around!  Wendy\’s Scentsy Site The plug in’s and wickless candles, as well as sprays make great Christmas and birthday gifts.

Thank you everyone for your support.  I certainly appreciate it very much.

Wendy Porch
My Scentsy Site