Johnny “D”  from Backwater Outdoors Radio drove to Central IL from Tampa, FL to go hunting this weekend.  I was pleased when I received his phone call Thursday to meet over a cup of coffee.

I was stuck in the office today so after Johnny was done shopping at Midland’s Farm & Home Supply Store, I asked if he could just stop by the office to visit.  He finally arrived at the office after taking the wrong turn out of Midland’s!!

Meet Johnny "D" Backwater Outdoors Radio

Meet Johnny "D" Backwater Outdoors Radio

It was great to meet someone and put a face to a name.  Johnny has a great outdoors radio program and if you like to listen to talk about hunting and fishing, please tune in.  Just click on the link above and it will direct you to the radio broadcast.  It will be well worth your while.  When you are listening, feel free to call into the show.

Backwater Outdoors Radio also has articles to read, blogs to read, you can read all about the cast on the website and much much more.  I highly suggest this site if you are a hunter, train dogs, handle dogs, fish, deer hunting, turkey  hunting….any kind of hunting you can think about!

I want to give a huge thank you to Johnny for stopping into my office today and brightening it up for me.  It was great to meet him and folks, what a down to earth gentleman he is.  Hats off to Johnny “D”

Happy Listening!