August 26, 2011

Sulli and Boone
Sulli and Boone

I will always cherish the time I spent training with the the best group of Marines ever and their 4 legged Marines in South Carolina and in California.  I enjoyed my time with them and wanted to share some tid bits over time with everyone.

This group in my book receives an A+ all the way. They came to school tough.  We wonder how we will get them trained.  Once their training is over, we are proud.  We cry.  They leave.  They leave but they will never be far away from us.  They come to us and they steal our hearts.  They are now a part of our family.  They always will be.

They are a young group of Marines with heart, fight and fire.  On the exterior they fear nothing and no one.  Meet 1/9, The Few And The Proud.

E and Ivy
E and Ivy

Everyone should be as fortunate to meet each and every one of the 1/9 Marine Handlers and their Canines.  At least once a week, I plan on showcasing one of the fine Marines from 1/9 here on my blog.

It is my hope that my blog will allow you to get to know them like I have had the opportunity to.  They are our hero’s.  We hear about them but we aren’t able to meet many of them if any at all.  Sometimes we hear about them on the news like this evening when it’s too late.  It is my hope that you will thank each of these men and their dogs personally and get to know them here on my blog.

Please feel free to comment to them and thank them for their service.  Without these fine men, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Please pray for each of the men and women who are serving our country.  I think of them every day and pray that they come home safe and sound.

Cantin and Rudy

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