August 22, 2011

Blu Gateway HRC Hunt Test

Blu Gateway HRC Hunt Test


We have had such beautiful weather for training.  Is there anywhere on earth that the weather is like it has been all year around?  If so, I would be there in an instant!

I trained with Blu and Angel yesterday.  They both had a great training day.  Both took all casts.  Blu didn’t break, both left the diversions be, both took a line to the blind so it was nice.  Blu was awesome on his triples.  One memory bird was thrown out front and he went straight past it to the last bird thrown.  He then went to the second bird thrown and then to the last bird that was right in front of him.  I thought for sure he would pick up the shortest bird but he left it.  That’s my dog!

I”ll begin training early this morning once again as soon as the sun comes up. I’ll take them out around 6:30 p.m. to train again.  I’m going work with Angel on land with casting.  She has gotten very good but I don’t want to rush her.  I want her to have possibly another hour of casting drills before we go any further.

I’ll work on obedience with both dogs first.  I do this every time we train and even when I air the dogs.  They are both fine with obedience but I feel that obedience drills should be done daily.  It’s the foundation of any dog.  If you fail to provide your dog with a solid foundation, things could go drastically wrong and even be life threatening.

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