Puppy Mills

January 31, 2011

Puppy Mills.  Grrrrrr.  Just because a kennel maybe nice and clean, doesn’t mean it’s not a puppy mill.

In my opinion a puppy mill is a person or persons who breed a bitch back after back after back and do not give the bitch time to recover before they breed her again.  This will promote unhealthy puppies and the mother will become unhealthy in a short amount of time.

I could never sell one of my puppies to someone who has a puppy mill.  I can’t imagine one of my puppies living in a kennel its whole life just to have puppies time after time.  What a sad life that would be.

When I think of my three Labs and how they love to retriever and then think of a female Lab who is locked up day after day in a kennel, not able to do what she was bred to do or get love and attention from a human, well it’s just sad and unthinkable.

Isn’t it amazing what people will do for money?  Actually, it’s pretty sick.

I just wanted to write some thoughts.  Now that Kimber is pregnant, I’ve been thinking of the puppies and placing them.


Wendy Porch



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