No Tick X Kimber Litter

January 17, 2011

A year ago I researched stud dogs to breed my chocolate Labrador Retriever with.  I found a beautiful, hard-driving, athlete.  His name:  Ten Bears Road Trip QAA “Tick.”

My chocolate, Kimber should have come into season September 2010.  We waited and waited for her to come in.  Finally this past Friday, Kimber came in.  I called Anne Weaver to let her know the news.  Anne is married to Mike Judas, Tick’s owner.

At this time, I am in South Carolina with Kimber and Anne let me know that Mike is in Texas with Tick.  So, there will be no Tick X Kimber litter this cycle.  I am very disappointed.  There is just not enough time to make things happen without being rushed.  So we will plan another breeding with Tick next year.

I’ve been looking at another male here in South Carolina.  A Black Labrador Retriever.  I will post the info later as long as all goes well.


Wendy Porch

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