Labrador Retrievers

December 2, 2010

In my opinion, Labrador Retrievers are simply amazing.  I don’t know that there is a more versatile breed alive.

I moved to South Carolina last week to take a job training dogs.  The dogs I’m working with are Labrador Retrievers and they are being trained to save our Marine’s lives.

When we train them to run at hunt tests and to be our hunting partners, I don’t believe many of us think about what they are truly capable of doing beyond being a huge part of our family, retrieving and running hunt tests.

The Labradors that we are working with come to us with a rank.  They are true Marines.  They put their lives on the line daily to keep our Marines safe so in turn our Marines can keep us safe at home.  We sleep at night because our troops are working around the clock to protect us as well as others.

In my opinion, your Labrador Retriever is the most amazing creature that God created.  The next time you look at your retriever, work with him, play with him, feed him or just love on him, know that he is very special dog and is capable of learning anything that you want to teach him.

Please always respect and love your retriever.  Train safely and with patience.  Always give your retriever the respect he deserves.  Your retriever will pay you back ten-fold!


South Carolina Hunt Tests

December 2, 2010

Now that I’m in Hartsville, I have hunted up a few hunt tests to photograph.  I think I’ll head out to Cooper Black this weekend and take some shots at an AKC test.