The Next Generation

September 7, 2010

This is a photo of my 8-year-old granddaughter handling Blu on a single mark.  The minute she wakes up she says, “Grandma, can I retrieve Blu?”  All shes wants to do is handle dogs and go fishing!  She is actually very good with my Labradors.  She learns quickly and is getting the hang of it.

She watched me work with Blu on blinds Saturday.  After she saw that, running  him on single marks wasn’t enough.  She motioned her arms as I did when handling him on the blind and asked if she could do what I did.  So, I sat up a blind on land after explaining to her what I was doing, how to do it and why I was doing it.  I explained the difference between a mark and a blind.  She understood completely.  She handled him on a land and water blind.  It was funny because I had to throw a blind into the water.  After I did that, she wondered why she wasn’t sending him on his name instead of back.

Mickey handling Blu on a Single Mark

Mickey handling Blu "Shadowhill's The Hunter's Blu Shadow on a Single Mark

Mickey and Blu, Shadowhill's The Hunter's Blu Shadow

Mickey and Blu, Shadowhill's The Hunter's Blu Shadow

I will be running Kimber at Midway HRC Fall Hunt Test.  I’m going to take Mickey with me as well as Blu so she can handle him at either a started test or a Jr. Handler test.  If they will allow her to run him in a started test, I’ll sign her up for that.  She’s very excited.

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