Virus, Email Hacking and Trojans

August 3, 2010

Hello everyone.  I’m sorry I have not blogged lately.  I have promised interviews of spectacular dogs and training tips.

My email server has been hacked.  It has been sending thousands of spam emails.  I cleaned my computer myself.  I thought I had it fixed as we changed all passwords on servers and such.  The next day, Outlook 2007 wouldn’t send again and was acting up. My interviews are in my Outlook and I do not want to open it up.  Email from my iPhone is okay.  I can send photos from my iPhone.  I can upload photos to here from my iPhone.  I just can’t upload photos from my computer until I know they are safe.

I called and have to take my computer into be cleaned, scanning each and every file and I think they scan them individually.  I had to back all of my hunt test photos tonight and they are still backing up.   There are over 25,000 photos from hunt tests backing up and that is just since last fall.  Once they are on the external hard drive, I have to scan them before I put them back onto my computer once it is cleaned professionally.

It will take 4-6 days to have my computer cleaned.  So please be patient with me until I am able to open up my Outlook to access my interviews in order to write my Retriever Line-up, post photos and write my Training With Mitch articles.

I can’t post photos from my computer but I can get online.  I can write a few words on my iPhone and I can also access my Mac.  My photos are not on my Mac, though!  They are on my laptop that is being taken into the shop tomorrow!

I know, it’s a mess.  It’s not fun and I have no clue what kind of kicks people get from upsetting people’s lives.  It’s going to be rather expensive to clean the computer.  I can almost purchase a new one for what one store was going to charge me to clean.  I’m almost tempted to just restore my computer back to the factory settings and start fresh.

One thing they told me to NOT to do that will help to not get a virus is the following:  You know all of those forwarded emails you receive and the addresses are not in the BCC field?  Well, don’t open them.  If you send an email to several people who you know at once, make sure you put their addresses in the BCC field before you send.  If you forward email to people, make sure you use the BCC field.  This way, hackers can not get the email addresses because you have sent them as a blind carbon copy.  When all of these emails are forwarded, they sometimes get forwarded to the wrong people.  The wrong people now have access to each and every email address in the mass forwarded email and can hack every email box.  It will then send thousands of spam from all of these accounts.  They can also send you Trojans because they have your email address.  Trojans will infect many files on your computer. Before you know it, your computer is attacked.  Just don’t mass email, period, especially if you use web email a lot and don’t have a virus protection for web-based email.

I’m sorry for all of the trouble and hopefully everything will be back on track soon!

Wendy Porch


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