Chocolate Labrador Retriever Litter Announcement

August 3, 2010

Hello all.  I have great news!  Kimber had her hips, elbows and eyes tested last week.  Everything checked out!  I mailed her x rays to OFA Monday and I mailed her eye report to CERF as well.  I should have her reg numbers soon to post on my website.  She is EIC Clear and now that her hips, eyes and elbows are great, I will have her tested for CNM, although she is cleared by parentage.

Kimber, my girl is out of Cuda Blue Ryder.  As soon as she comes into season, I am breeding her with Ten Bears Road Trip QAA “Tick.”

I do not have Kimber’s pedigree attached on my website because I do not have it scanned.  However, her mother and her father’s pedigree both are on my web page.  I did add links that will take you directly to both pedigrees.  The link to Tick’s pedigree is also on the page.

I posted a lot of information that you can read about each of the dogs.  I also posted several photos of Kimber and Tick.  In fact, all photos on the page are of Kimber and Tick.

Please enjoy and contact me if interested.  I don’t think these puppies will last long.  You can see my upcoming litter by going to Shadowhill Retriever\’s Upcoming Litter Enjoy and happy reading!

Thank you,
Wendy Porch

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