Training With Mitch – Platform Training

July 26, 2010

Webfoot Kennel - Tara

Webfoot Kennel - Tara

This will be the final lesson for Platform Training and it will be off-lead.  Please remember to always use caution when using an Electronic Collar.  If not careful, you can do more harm to a dog than good if an Electronic Collar is misused.

Webfoot Kennel - Jake

Webfoot Kennel - Jake

Start your lesson with the lead on and heel your dog while commanding “Kennel” to the platform from all four sides.  With and without Electronic Collar pressure, keep it light and happy.  Now remove the lead if you feel your dog is ready and has not needed the assistance of the lead to get on or off the platform.  Up to this point, you have been moving towards the platform and have had the assistance of a lead if your dog needed assistance.

Webfoot Kennel - Zoey

Webfoot Kennel - Zoey

Heel your dog next to you at one of the four starting points that you have chosen.  Command “Heel” and move towards the platform while commanding “Kennel.”  Try it again this time while dropping the lead and use stimulation only when needed.

Go back to the starting point and remove the lead.  Heel the dog and start towards the platform while commanding “Kennel” and keep moving if needed to help your dog reach the platform.  Use collar pressure as needed.  Repeat lesson.  Each time, you move less and less until you can send the dog to the platform on the command “Kennel” from all four sides.

Webfoot Kennel - Augie

Webfoot Kennel - Augie

Once your dog is going to the platform with no assistance, try the same principle on a dog stand, in a dog crate and in a boat!  Start each new place at the beginning as we did with the platform lessons.  Each time you teach your dog to kennel to another place, the lessons should advance much more quickly.

If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to reply to this blog or contacting Mitch or myself.

You can contact Mitch at Webfoot Kennel.  You can contact me at Total Retriever Photography

I hope you have enjoyed learning about platform training.  Please come back next week to read, Training With Mitch.

Mitch and I hope to see you at the line!!

Total Retriever Photography


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