Update for Retriever Line Up

July 15, 2010

Hi everyone.  Just a note to let you know that Augie, a phenomenal yellow lab is up for “Retriever Line-Up”  next week.   I have sent his trainer and owner their interview questions to answer.

I have handled and watched Augie work.  I love watching this dog work.  I do believe you will enjoy reading about him and looking at his photos.

I actually took a close up of his head so I could print a 4 x 12 of just his eyes.  I sent the photo to his trainer.  I took this photo when he was watching another dog work.  He pays attention.  He watches, he learns.  I printed his eyes because I saw him thinking when he was watching the other dog.  I should have been paying attention and photographing the dog working but I couldn’t stop watching Augie.  Look at his photo, you will see what I am talking about.

Augie watching another dog work

Augie watching another dog work

On deck is “Maple Creek’s Captain Morgan – Morgan,” owned by Bill and Marsha Butikas of Blindfaith Retrievers.  Everyone who watches this dog loves him and wants him in their blind and kennel.  One man said at a hunt test, “I hate that dog because he is so darn good.”  I have photos of Morgan from last year but they are on the other computer.  You can see Morgan and read about him at Blindfaith Retrievers .

I will be seeing Marcia, Bill and Morgan soon to take photos for his “Retriever Line Up.  So be checking back in a month to 6 weeks to read all about Morgan and to watch him work.

In the hole is “Lone Oak’s Ten Gauge – Gauge.”  Chad Bartles of Cahokia Creek Kennel is the owner.  Gauge is one of my wall of fame retrievers along with Brody and Tick.  I will never forget the money shot of Gauge that I took in St. Louis, MO.  I had goose bumps and was shaking and had tears in my eyes.  This dog can teach most trainers anything they need to know.  He can teach new handlers what to do.

Next fall, I am hoping to breed my Angel with Gauge.  When this breeding takes place, I will only sell these pups to hunters and/or someone who is wanting to run them in hunt tests or field trials.  Both dogs learn easily and love their job.  They have a lot of desire and drive.  They would not make good couch potatoes.  The pups could possibly be a working pet but they would need exercise and training.  Most pet owners wouldn’t understand their blood line, desires and needs.  Angel is out of Clubmead’s Road Warrior, “Chopper.”

Check back for my Retriever Line Up.  I do hope you enjoy reading it.  If you want to check archived articles, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on previous blogs.  You can read and view older blogs!

We hope to see you at the line!

Wendy Porch



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