My Grandchildren’s Visit

July 14, 2010

Noah, Blu and Angel

Noah, Blu and Angel

The above photo is from left to right, Blu, Angel and my grandson, Noah.  Noah was watching the blue gill in the water and the dogs wanted to check out Noah to see what he was doing.  I thought this photo was just precious.  The dogs watched out after the kids while they were playing in and near the water.  You would have thought Angel was Noah’s nanny.  It was a sight to see.

Mickey and her fish

Mickey and her fish

My Grandchildren, Mickenzie and Noah visited me the past few weekends.  Noah loved fishing but to my surprise, Mickey was the one who constantly hounded me to fish.  The first words out of her mouth when she woke up each morning was, “Grandma, may I go fishing?”  They had a ball and they kept me busy.

If they weren’t fishing, they were in the lake with the Labradors.  Noah wanted to fish while playing in the water.  If they weren’t fishing or playing in the lake, they were feeding the geese!  We lived on the decks and on the dock for nearly 4 days.

Mickey watched a goose come up and take the food right out of my hand so she bent over the dock as I did and waved the food in front of the goose.  The goose ate out of her hand as well.

I think I may have a few Jr. Handlers to take with me to a fall hunt test.  They picked up on commands easily and enjoyed handling the dogs in the water.  They actually did a great job!

Noah is my little hunter.  Soon he will be going hunting with the Labradors.  He constantly talks about wanting to turkey and deer hunt.

Good night!



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