Training with Mitch Platform Training

June 30, 2010

We have almost completed platform training with Mitch.  This is a small but rather large lesson as you will be working with your retriever on all 4 sides of the platform.  Please make sure to pay attention to detail when using pressure.  If your dog will go to the platform with no pressure, that is great!

Mitch Hainsfurther Carlinville, IL Webfoot Kennel

Please remember that we are also trying to build confidence in your retriever.  If you get frustrated or discouraged, please walk away from training and take a break.  If you take a small break, your retriever will be much  happier when you return and will preform much better.

Mitch Hainsfurther, Webfoot Kennel-Carlinville, Illinois

When we humans get nervous, upset and/or discouraged our mouth omits chemicals that our retriever can smell and pick up on.  Therefore, if we are upset or nervous, we are telling our retriever to be upset and nervous.  We gain nothing, our retriever gains nothing.  Training should always be fun for both you and your retriever!

This lesson should be ON lead with the e-collar.

  • You will start at the same starting place as before.
  • After completing 2 trips to and from the platform using LOW collar pressure, (only if needed), then start working from a different side of the platform from 5-10 feet away.
  • Repeat what you have done in the previous lessons.  Make sure to use collar pressure when needed and at an intensity level that motivates your dog to complete all 4 sides of the platform before starting the next lesson.
Mitch Hainsfurther

Mitch Hainsfurther, Webfoot Kennel-Carlinville, Illinois

That’s it for this week.  Keep up the great work.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment for Mitch or myself just below this article.  If you want to contact Mitch, please do so by going to Webfoot Kennel.  Once your retriever has completed his task properly and once you have completed your training session, please make sure to  praise your retriever for a job well done.

Mitch and I hope to see you at the line!

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