To Photoshop or NOT to Photoshop

June 30, 2010

I had a request on an order that I didn’t see until after I had ordered prints for a customer.

I was fulfilling orders this evening getting customers photos packaged up so that I can go to the post office tomorrow to mail them out.

As I looked up an order for the address, I saw a message on the order asking me if I would remove a weed from the front of the dog in one shot and to also remove the saliva from the mouth on another shot.

When I use Photoshop, I use it to brighten photos and to lower the resolution so that the copies of my original photos will upload to my website easier and quicker.  I do not and will not use Photoshop to remove or move things on my photos.  I do not manipulate my photos.

I guess my feelings on this are that these are natural photos of working retrievers.  I’m not into graphic design, I don’t want to be and I certainly do not want to be known for publishing fake photos.

I am working on learning to create photo montages which would be several photos of a dog all put together artistically into one photo.  However, I am not moving or removing and replacing anything in these montages.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or opinions and if so, would  you please let me know your thoughts? I did tell the client that I apologized for not seeing the note first before processing the photos.  I also said that if they are not happy with the photos, I’ll gladly return the money.  I did assure her that I thought she would enjoy the photos and would want to keep them.

Thanks for any help.  I hope to see you at the line!

Wendy Porch
Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store

2 Responses to “To Photoshop or NOT to Photoshop”

  1. tomflaherty said

    They are your photo’s and yours only. Hold true to your values. I personally feel a small amount of cloning and touch up works for my work. Crop and adjust as you like. This is what makes us all unique.

    • Dear Tom:

      Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your thoughts.

      The client who wanted the editing runs in conformation. I have competed in conformation. Conformation means perfection, just out of the salon perfection.

      When I take a nature photo or a photo of the retrievers running in a hunt test, the weeds and cover are a huge part of the photo and these are the things that make the photo. I am not so sure that people who run the conformation ring understands this or want cover/weeds in their shots.

      I’ll find the photos when it’s not so late one night and post them…..after I call Rich back and figure out the slide show!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I certainly appreciate it.

      Wendy Porch

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