Retriever Line-Up

June 13, 2010

I’m working on an article to post about various Retrievers who each of us see at the line.  These are Retrievers who impress our world with their skill, desire and talent as well as their beauty.

You may want to pay attention to the Retrievers I write about if you are looking for a pup to keep, to sell as a started dog, or are in need a stud dog.  At the least, I will also be posting information as to who the sire and dam are and hopefully their pedigrees or a link to read their pedigree online.

Once a week or every other week (I haven’t decided how often, maybe once a month) I will post a new dog and his/her story.

First up in my Retriever Line-Up is Mr. Brody, a black Labrador Retriever.  I am working on Brody’s story now and hopefully I will have it posted next week.

One thing I would like for each of you to keep in mind when reading about these dogs is that when hunt tests started years ago, the dogs and their ancestors did not have a pedigree full of titles to back them up.

I am telling you this because there are two phenomenal Black Labrador Retrievers who I have met on the line.  They are excellent markers, they are full of desire to hunt and retriever and they have the best temperament.  In my opinion, they are excellent Labrador Retrievers.  I would take these two dogs in a heart beat and believe me, I have tried!!!!

Years ago when  hunt tests first came about, the trainers took the dogs to the line, the dog passed and that marked the beginning of hunt test titles.

Brody and Easton are beginning their hunt test title careers.  These two dogs are no different from years back when the hunt tests first began.  I invite you to watch Brody and Easton at hunt tests.  You will be amazed.  These two Retrievers do not have a pedigree that people maybe looking for but I can tell you that these are two Labrador Retrievers that any hunter and or trainer would want in their blind and kennel.  Please remember that titles began years ago with the very first title being handed to one dog.  The first title was the beginning of that dogs pedigree for future offspring to behold.   Remember that just because a dog may not yet have a pedigree full of titles, it doesn’t mean that it is not capable of starting its own for its future offspring!  The dogs who are new to hunt testing just may do very well and by all means are very capable of throwing some of the best offspring in the States!!!! I can assure you that Brody and Easton are now in the process of beginning their very own fabulous lines.  You do not want to miss out on watching these two dogs.  You will want their offspring in your blind, in your kennel and at the line with you, I can promise you that much.

So, be on the look out for Brody and Easton.  They are two beautiful, talented and very healthy retrievers who did NOT come from a back yard breeder or puppy mill.  They have very good parents who are excellent hunters without titles.  Here comes Brody and Easton with all of the ribbons they can handle plus some while they continue to charge after every mark and blind with fierce desire and grace.  They are tearing up the lines, passing test after test, waterfowl hunting and living the life they were bred to live.







Please stay tuned to read all about Brody and Easton and follow their career.  Other Retrievers I hope to include in my Retriever Line-Up will be:  “Augie” WAR EAGLES AUGUST GUNTHER, “Gauge” Lone Oak’s Ten Gauge, Terra, “Tick” Ten Bears Road Trip, “Coca” King Henry’s Coca Bear, Zoey and many more.  Coca Bear and Zoey are out of Tick.  Amazing animals.  All of the above are MUST SEE Retrievers!

Thank you so much!

Wendy Porch
Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store

2 Responses to “Retriever Line-Up”

  1. April said

    Yeah..that Easton is one heck of a dog…

    • April:

      I agree. That’s why I want him in my line up! Hopefully I’ll be interviewing his owner soon so I can put E’s line up on my blog!!!

      How are you, D and the girls?

      I miss you much!

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