My Wall of Fame Retrievers

June 9, 2010

I have thought of another topic that I am going to write about once a week.  As you all know I travel to hunt tests each weekend to photograph retrievers in the spring and fall season.

Each hunt test I attend, I am amazed at the beauty, talent, brilliance, agility, athleticism and work ethic of these retrievers.

I have to admit that I run into retrievers at each test that I want to adopt and take home with me.  I beg the owners, try to get the retriever to kennel into my car when the owner isn’t looking, you name it.  However, it doesn’t work!  If I would have succeeded in taking each retriever home with me, I would have about 100 retrievers in my home with me by now.  🙂

So, I opted for plan B.  I’ve been creating my own wall of fame.  I have started printing my favorite retrievers and now have a special wall of fame room that I am going to hang my prints in.  I can see my favorite retrievers on a daily basis now.

I’ve now decided to take this one step further.  I want to write about my favorite retrievers.  Augie, Terra, Brody, Easton, Gauge, Ruger, Tick, Maggie, and so many more that it’s almost impossible to name them all here.

In fact, I have all of Brody’s story and just have to put it all together.  Within these stories, I will post photos of the dog that I have taken.  You will enjoy Brody’s story.  It’s cute, loving, and all about training and hunting!  Not only that, he is an absolute dream to photograph.  Brody is a beautiful black Labrador Retriever.

I have to work on getting photos up on my site from hunt tests.  I am behind so once I get my photos posted, I’ll begin writing stories about the amazing retrievers that I am fortunate enough to photograph at hunt tests.

Take care and I’ll be back here posting in the very near future!

Wendy Porch

Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store

Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store

Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store

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