Went Fishin!

June 4, 2010

I caught four fish tonight.  Sunfish.  I kept one and threw the others back.  The first time I threw, a fish jumped, grabbed the worm and snapped my line.  I had a relaxing time and it was a beautiful  evening.

I wasn’t able to feed the geese tonight.  They didn’t visit me, which was very unusual.  A few people were in their boats fishing on the lake tonight so maybe they kept the geese away.  I doubt it but it’s possible.  I shouldn’t have taken a break this evening but between working full-time, my photography, training dogs, fulfilling photo orders and the supply store…well let me just say that I needed a break this evening.  I will work on my photography most of this weekend and try to get it caught up.

It’s time to air the dogs one last time this evening.

Good night.

Wendy Porch
Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store


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