Training With Mitch. Week 1: Platform Training

June 3, 2010

Welcome to “Training With Mitch.”  Today’s topic is Platform Training.  Many of you may already practice this training technique at home.  If you do,  please do not hesitate to comment and let us know how it’s working for you.  If you have any questions regarding platform training, you may comment here to ask.  Your questions are welcome!

Please note that each week I will post sections of the current training topic.  Once that particular training topic is completed, I will post another training topic and cover it in a weekly series until that topic is complete and so on.  Please make sure to visit us weekly.  I will try to have our training series posted no later than Wednesday evenings.

Within our training series, I will be posting actual photos of Mitch training his dogs.  Hopefully the photos will also be a helpful part of this training series.


“What is a platform?”

A raised surface which your dog can comfortably sit.  It is made of a quarter of a free pallet.  You may acquire a pallet from your local lumberyard.  Cover the platform an Astroturf mat.  It works nicely.

The dimensi ons of the platform are 4″H x 24″L x 30″W.  The open spaces must be covered with the mat to keep the dogs feet from becoming stuck.

“Why teach platform training to your Retriever?”

The dog learns how to release pressure with collar conditioning.

The dog has a known “place” to sit.

The dog learns to be steady.

The dog will perform push/pull drills on wagon wheel.

The dog learns that his or her spot/place is on or in the boat, duck blind, lay-out blind, dog blind, dog stand, holding blind, crate, house, truck, and trailer.

“What concepts are utilized in platform training?”

Collar Conditioning


Go where sent

Stay on the spot

Stay in its place


Return to heel on both sides

Push/pull on lining skills

“What BASICS will my dog need before beginning “Platform Training?”

Basic obedience; Here, Heel and Sit.

Platform training utilizes the basics of here, heel and sit.  It does not teach them but it does help to reinforce them.

“What equipment is needed to begin “Platform Training?”

A raised, closed top platform with a solid top for the dog to sit on.  It should be no more than 3″-4″ in height and 24″ x 30″

A short heeling lead or what is called a “Handlers Tab.”  You may purchase a Mendota Handler Tab from Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store You can purchase leather, orange and camo.

An E-Collar that has variable and constant intensity.

A heeling stick.

That’s all for this week.  Please make sure to visit us next week for our second installment of  “Training With Mitch, Platform Training.”   You can see Mitch and his facilities at

Hopefully Mitch and I will see you at the line soon!

Wendy Porch
Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store


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