Training with Mitch – A weekly Retriever Training Series

May 21, 2010

Good evening Friends, Hunters and Trainers.

Beginning next week, I am going to write a weekly series that will be about retriever training for hunting retrievers and for hunt tests. The series will include photos and tips of various retriever training techniques. These techniques will start at the beginning of your retriever’s training and will follow through into the next phase. Over time, your retriever will be able to put all of the steps together. Your retriever will then become a “once in a lifetime retriever.”

Mitch Hainsfurther

My retriever training series will be based on the training methods of Mitch Hainsfurther, who owns Webfoot Kennel. Webfoot Kennel is located in Carlinville, Illinois. Mitch has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training retrievers. His training philosophy? “To build a solid foundation for which all future endeavors can be attained. To simplify each task to its smallest part and teach. A completed retrieve is made of several small parts, leaving any part out will give less than desirable results.

I met Mitch at Gun Creek’s Hunting Retriever Club’s Spring Hunt Test a few months ago. I saw that he was from a town close to where I lived. I was shocked. We spoke about training and exchanged cards. After the hunt test, we spoke on the phone about training together. Now, we train together as often as our schedules will permit. I can tell you that I have learned a lot from rom Mitch and continue to do so on a regular basis. He is amazing to watch. His is a great teacher and takes his work seriously but has fun. He has patience. His dogs are well taught and have wonderful line manners, which is something that I admire! I truly enjoy watching and working with this man. He has a unique talent and was born to be a retriever trainer. Most of all, I applaud and appreciate the respect that Mitch has for retrievers.

I look forward to writing a weekly series with Mitch. I am most certain that once you begin reading “Training With Mitch,” you will instantly become a fan of his techniques and will be coming back for more!


Wendy Porch, Total Retriever Photography & Supply Store

2 Responses to “Training with Mitch – A weekly Retriever Training Series”

  1. richferguson said

    Very nice Wendy. I very much look forward to reading your weekly series and learning how you and Mitch train your retrievers.

    • Thanks, Rich. I’ve had my first lesson and photos since Tuesday. I need to edit a bit of the lesson and then I’ll have it up for you to read.

      I’ll get home from this 3 day event tonight and will work on it.

      Mitch is an awesome trainer and I believe most will like learning from his techniques.

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