The PREMIER Place to Waterfowl and Deer Hunt!!!!

May 19, 2010

This is an interview with Wesley Kirchner, owner and operator of Hickory Hills Trophy White Tail Bow Hunting located in Chandlerville, IL.  Central Illinois is a premier location for waterfowl and deer  hunting.  Wesley is an avid hunter and outdoors man and possesses a wealth of talent and knowledge when it comes to hunting.  He has 35+ years  of hunting experience.

Please enjoy reading my interview with Wes below.  At the end of the interview, you will find Wesley’s contact information in case you would like to book a hunt with him.

Wendy:  What is Hickory Hills?

Wesley:  Bow hunting deer, muzzle loader and shotgun deer hunting, spring turkey hunt for 5 weeks, primo places for duck and goose hunting such as 5 man pits and duck holes by the Sangamon River and farm tillable crop ground.

Wendy:  What sets you apart from other outfitters?

Wesley:  Location and customer service.  Our location is one of the best waterfowl hunting places in the Mid-West.  We don’t just hold the hunter’s hand.  Our hunters take control.  We show them where to hunt and we go with them on location and they do the work.  We don’t hunt for them.  I will gladly hunt with them if they ask.  Our outfitting business is for people who really want to hunt!

Wendy:  How long have you been in business?

Wesley:  Since 2000

Wendy:  What does your outfitting business involve?

Wesley:  Deer, turkey and waterfowl hunting.

Wendy:  Where do you take someone to deer hunt?

Wesley:  We have hardwoods, rolling hills and crop ground to hunt.  We offer approximately 3000 acres to hunt.

Wendy:  About how many deer are killed in one season?

Wesley:  Approximately 25 per year.

Wendy:  What’s the biggest deer someone has shot or killed with a bow?

Wesley:  28 Pointer that scored a 253.  Most deer average a score of 165 and higher.

Wendy:  Where would you take someone to hunt waterfowl?

Wesley:  Most of our hunting for ducks and geese are beyond the south side of the Barkhouse Refuge resting area for waterfowl in Central IL located between Beardstown and Chandlerville, IL.  This area is all state owned and operated.  We shoot the ducks and geese in my pits and holes as they are coming off the refuge to feed in our fields.

Wendy:  About how many waterfowl do you see in one season?

Wesley:  When they are flying coming out of the refuge to feed in the fields, we see hundreds of thousands of waterfowl in one season.

Wendy:  Do you offer any upland hunting?

Wesley:  There are some pheasants that people can hunt if they like.

Wendy:  Do you have retrievers available to hunters?

Wesley:  No.

Wendy:  Do you have a lodge house for hunters?

Wesley:  We do have a lodge that will house about 12 people at one time.  We are in the process of purchasing a second lodge that is 2 stories and will house approximately 20-25 hunters.  Our lodges are for hunters who want to go hunting, play cards, sit around in the evening and have their scotch or whiskey on the rocks and smoke cigars!!  Our hunters fan have fun, relax and make themselves at home.

Wendy:  Do you supply meals for the hunters?

Wesley:  Most hunters bring their own food .  We have a full service kitchen available to our hunters in the lodge homes.  They can also eat at the local restaurants.  Beardstown is approximately 12 miles from the lodge homes and Chandlerville is approximately 6 miles from our lodge homes.  There are also local gas stations available to our hunters.

Wendy:  What kind of equipment should a hunter bring with him/her?

Wesley:  Bring all gear needed for what species you are hunting.  Bring decoys, guns, and boats if you like.  Bring a bow and/or gun for deer hunting.  We do supply full bedding but some like to bring an extra sleeping bag in case they want more covers.  They need to supply food and drink.  We have full showers and bathrooms just bring your own soap and shampoo!

Wendy:  Should hunters bring rain gear?

Wesley:  Yes, they should as well as waders and gloves.

Wendy:  Who cleans the waterfowl?

Wesley:  Hunters can clean their own waterfowl or a lady in town will clean them for you.

Wendy:   Do hubnters have to field dress their own deer?

Wesley:  They can or I will gladly field dress your deer for you.  Some like to take their deer to the local butcher and pick it up in a few days.

Wendy:   How does someone go about setting up a hunt with you?

Wesley:  Please call me, Wesley “Wes” Kirchner on my cell at 217-370-4585


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