Awesome Field Trialing Chocolate Labrador Retriever

May 15, 2010

Has anyone watched this dog run a field trial event?  If not,  you sure are missing out.  If you get the chance, please try to see this athlete do his thing.

When this dog comes out of the trailer, your jaw will drop.  He is solid muscle, the perfect specimen of an athlete.  He has incredible line manners, a beautiful gait, he runs hard and fast, awesome marker and is as sweet as the day is long. He is the perfect Labrador Retriever in every way.

Meet “Tick.”  His name is Ten Bears Road Trip owned by Mike Judas and Anne Weaver-Judas.  Mike trains and handles Tick.  You can see Tick’s pedigree and accomplishments at Ten Bear Kennels

Over the past two weekends, I have met 3 of Tick’s offspring.  I stopped one gentleman in Marion, IL and asked if I could take a photo of his chocolate girl because she was so beautiful.  Once I began talking to this gentleman, I learned who his dog’s sire is.  Immediately I knew why this gal Zoey looked so good on the line and ran like a champ.  Her sire is Tick!

Last weekend in TN I saw a 4 month old puppy run her first hunt test.  She nailed the marks and blew most of the dogs out of the water.  Her name is Coca, King Henry’s Coca Bear.  Her sire is Tick.

I then met a male Labrador Retriever at the hotel I was staying at last Saturday night.  He is a beautiful chocolate lab.  His name is Trip, “Gotta Ticket To Ride, owned by Chris Isabell.  This boy has so much drive that he is driving his owner to the hunt test!  Awesome dog.  His sire is Tick.

If you get the chance, go see this amazing creature run his field trials and visit him on his site.  You won’t be disappointed.  I’m not.  This fall I will breeding my chocolate lab, Kimber with Tick.  The two together will probably be one of the best bred chocolate pedigrees that you can find.

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