Line Manners

April 20, 2010

My work and life revolves around Retrievers.  I have three Labrador Retrievers, 1 male and 2 females.  Each of them have more than excellent pedigrees.  They are in excellent health physically, emotionally and mentally. 

My male, Blu is the son of HRCH Maple Creek’s Captain Morgan MH who almost has a double Master.  Morgan loves his job, as does his son Blu.  Blu was a year old in December of 2009 and is still very much an immature male.  He does have some growing up to do but Blu loves to retrieve.  That is all he thinks about all day long.

Blu learns fast and has been a whiz through training.  He went to a trainer at 5 months old, was retrieving in water at home with us at 2.5 months old.  Blu has passed 5 out of 5 hunt tests and has 2 more seasoned tests to pass and he will have his HR title. Once Blu has his HR title, it’s time to go for the Finished title.

Blu has more drive than any dog I have seen in my life.  He has one thing on his mind and that is going after that duck, period.  He doesn’t care who he knocks down to get to that duck, he just wants the duck.  He wants to run helter skelter to get to it.  I’m wondering how in the world I can settle this dog down enough to get him to pass a finished test.

I have been working with him daily since he was the test dog at Gun Creek’s hunt test in Southern Illinois 2 or 3 weeks ago.  I sit him next to me and make him watch Kimber fetch bumpers and ducks.  I then take him to the line and if he is good, he gets 1 duck.  I then have them throw the 2nd duck, he watches it drop and I walk him away from the line, back into his crate.  At home we keep heeling, sitting and heeling again at a very slow pace.  I do not allow him to walk out the door before I do.  He waits in his crate to be released.

He seems to be doing better at home.  We are taking him to a mock hunt test tomorrow and Wednesday to see how he acts there.  It’s a different ball game w hen you aren’t working on home ground.

Let’s just hope he will grow up soon and calm down enough to learn some line manners!


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