Merry Christmas

December 21, 2009

It’s nice and cold here in Central Illinois this morning.  Angel, my 5 month old black Labrador Retriever is lying on the couch next to me all curled up and snoring like a freight train!

I have two labs at home I am training for hunt tests and hunting.  They are enjoying the snow.  This season is Angel’s first snow.  She was just too funny when she first walked outside and saw the snow.  Now I can’t get her to come indoors.  She loves to plow the snow with her cute little black nose.

The new Rudolph!

"Do I have to, Mom?"

Kimber, well she just rips and tears through it.  Makes her way to the creek and tries to bust through the ice so she can run in the cold water.

We put up the Christmas Tree and lights Saturday evening while listening to Christmas songs on the iMac.  Our bulbs are plastic, not glass.  Angel wanted to help.  I had her fetch the bulb from my hand and she took the bulb over by the tree and handed it to Jerry and Zachary to hang.  Now she wants to remove the bulbs so she can play with them.

Kimber, my Chocolate Lab wanted nothing to do with trimming the tree.  She doesn’t like anything “new.”  Being indoors is new to her since October of this year.  She was at a kennel until we bought her in June.  She’s now a year and a half old.  Getting her used to new sights and sounds is going to take some time.  Thank God she isn’t gun shy.  We truly thought that was going to be a problem.

Kimber during training

Time to Retrieve!

We took some poppers out and while I was throwing hup hups, Jerry was about 50 yards away shooting poppers.  Each time he shot, he got closer to us.  Soon, he was next to Kimber.  She had no problem at all.  We went through the same process again and then a few weeks ago I took her out with friends to goose hunt.  When she heard the call and the guns, she was ripped and ready to retrieve.

I have a Doctor’s appointment this morning so training the two girls will have to wait until this afternoon.  Blogging will be short as well, at least until I return home.

Angel posing by the tree!

"I love trimming the tree!"


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  1. D3 TV Blog said

    AWSOME Wendy….



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